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Microwave Repair – Toronto and GTA

Same-Day Microwave Repair Services in Toronto and Throughout the GTA

When you need to prepare breakfast, lunch, or dinner in a pinch, you rely on your microwave to quickly heat up your meal. As a busy Toronto resident who’s always on the go, having your microwave stop working is a major inconvenience. When your microwave malfunctions and needs a repair, turn to the experts at I Appliance Repair for same-day service throughout the Greater Toronto Area. With our fast, effective, and well-informed appliance repair service, we’ll ensure you don’t need to purchase a new microwave with timely and affordable repairs.

Microwave Repair Can be Complicated. Turn to the Pros!
magnetron failure? The magnetron component of your microwave uses a high voltage frequency to cook your food. If it burns out, it needs to be replaced! The skilled technicians at I Appliance know the ins and outs of microwaves, such as what a magnetron does, to service your broken microwave with diligence, courtesy, and professionalism. As electrical devices featuring radio-wave technology, microwaves are complicated appliances. Unlike other appliances, such as washers, dryers, and stovetops, issues with your microwave may not always be easy to pinpoint. That’s where the microwave repair specialists at I Appliance Repair come in. We have the tools and knowledge needed solve a wide range of common microwave problems, including:

  • Buttons not responsive
  • Microwave running then stopping in the middle of cooking
  • Plate does not spin
  • Light doesn’t function during cooking
  • Sparking
  • And more
  • Servicing All Makes and Models of Microwaves
    The skilled appliance repair technicians at I Appliance Repair have experience performing repairs on a wide range of countertop, above the range, under cabinet, under counter, built-in, and microwave-convention combo microwaves. Whatever the manufacturer of your microwave, we can perform a thorough diagnosis to determine the cause of the problem, and quickly get it back to working order with prompt repair. We have experience repairing microwaves from top-name brands, including:

    • Frigidaire
    • GE
    • LG
    • Samsung
    • Amana
    • KitchenAid
    • Maytag
    • Haier
    • Igloo
    • Energy Star
    • And other popular microwave brands

    Call us For Repair Service Throughout the GTA
    Our technicians are standing by to help you out! When we enter your home for a microwave repair job, we will treat it as our own. Dedicated to delivering top-notch same-day service, our technicians are trained and qualified to provide the care you and your appliance deserves. Get in touch with us for service in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, and throughout the Greater Toronto Area!
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