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We often forget to factor in running costs when purchasing items like household appliances. High electricity usage is not only harmful to the environment as it generates greenhouse gases, but can also rack up a hefty bill. Lowering your costs doesn’t have to mean swapping your devices for newer, energy efficient appliances – all it takes are a few slight adjustments to your maintenance habits to see significant results!

  • Pay attention to your refrigerator condenser coils

Ensure that there are several inches of space between your refrigerator and the wall it rests by, so that there is room for airflow around the condenser coils. Dust these a minimum of twice a year as well, as dirty coils overwork your fridge, diminishing its useful life and increasing your electricity usage.

  • Cut dryer warm-up time

As with other machines, dryers require a certain amount of activation energy to warm up and start operating. Normally, less time and electricity is necessary for energy efficient appliances to do so. To minimize warm-up time with your current device, load it in bulk! Rather than spreading out your drying, leave your laundry duties to the weekend. This way, you’ll have accumulated more clothing to be washed and dried. Please be advised that filling your washing and drying machines to the rim can be damaging; instead, dry several loads one after the other.

  • Avoid pre-rinsing dishes

We know old habits die hard, but this one has really got to go. Were you taught to pre-rinse before loading the dishwasher? Kiss this myth goodbye! Unless your appliances are prehistoric, your dishwasher can handle the work without this unnecessary step. Cleaning your dishes before loading them only wastes electricity by heating double the amount of water, duplicating your energy usage.

All appliances can be energy efficient appliances if they are properly operated, so don’t fret about replacing yours to lessen the bills and your carbon footprint! Our tips will get you the same results without breaking the bank at the store.