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Before calling out that repair guy, why not try a few DIY techniques and hopefully you will be back to drying, unwrinkling, steaming, and fluffing those clothes.

Dryer Will Not Turn On 

You have mashed all the buttons, and nothing happens! Try these steps:

*Ensure dryer is plugged in (seems obvious but oddly enough plugs get pulled by kids, cats, dogs, even mice!

*Then, check the circuit breaker at the electrical panel; if popped, reset once. If it pops again, leave and go ahead with the repairman call.

*If it is a gas dryer, check the pilot light. These are usually located under the dryer and can be accessed by a panel, often on the back of the dryer. If extinguished, consult the owner’s manual on how to relight.

*With all the above items in their proper positions, check the door latch. All dryers have to be latched tight in order to operate. The latch can often collect lint or other debris (there is that sock!) and the door will not close, preventing operation.

It Works, but No Heat 

While frustrating (because it usually occurs at the worst possible moment), a dryer that will not heat can be an easy fix. With a handy voltage meter, check the following:

*Check the temperature sensor by touching the meter to the sensor. If there is no voltage, change this component. Consult the owner’s manual and often times, there is a phone number and/or website to find the proper replacement parts.  Or the local big box hardware store might have the right part.

*Find the thermal fuse (looks like a small cylinder, made of glass) and determine if it has blown. These will blow in an effort to prevent overheating the dryer. If it is a blown fuse, replace. (See above on how to find part).

All the Parts Work but The Clothes Will Not Dry

After checking plugs and parts and still the clothes will not dry, these simple steps might bring the much-needed heat:

*Clean the lint filter.  It is amazing how easy it is to forget this task that needs to be done before each use!

*Check the dryer hose. These get clogged with lint and should be cleaned with a long brush. Also, check for kinks in the hose. These need to be as straight as possible or at least have gentle curves, but no kinks.

*Check the trap door outside. These can get clogged, again with lint, but also animals love to make a home in there! Convince by whatever means that squirrels, birds and other varmints are not welcome to live in the trap door outlet.

With some knowledge and a little patience, most anyone can fix that faulty dryer and get back to finishing the laundry of the day. However, if these DIY remedies fail, there is always the option of the handy repair guy.