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When your stovetop or oven stop working it can be a huge hassle. Not just getting it repaired but how to manage meals in the meantime. Luckily there are a few common issues with stoves and ovens that can be easily repaired without having to call a specialist. Below are some of the most common issues, what causes them and how to identify the specific piece in need of repair.

Your electric stove stopped heating up

First, you need to identify which burners aren’t working. If the issue is with just one burner chances are the coils are either damaged, or there is a connectivity problem. Turn off the stove, unplug it, and wait until it is completely cool before attempting to touch or examine the coil. Once the coils are completely cooled off, you can unplug the coil and check for damage. Coils can wear out and become damaged over time. Some common signs of damage are blisters, bubbles, cracks, etc. If there is no visible damage swap the coil with another that is the same size and shape. This will tell you if it’s the specific coil or if it’s a connection issue with that burner.

If the issue is with the entire range, you have a bigger electrical issue at hand. If your stove’s clock or display isn’t lit up or only partially lit up, you may not have power. Power surges can blow the house fuse for the range or the internal fuse. If the stove’s outlet works then the issue is the fuse blown in the stove.

You can’t adjust the heat on your electric stove

The coils are either red hot or cold. This can make cooking nearly impossible. The most common issue here is that the infinite switch is not working. The switch connects to the dial that regulates the power. This switch should be replaced by a professional.

Your gas range won’t light

This could be one of two issues: you either have a gas-flow problem or an issue with your ignition. When the power is on, and the stove dial is turned to light, there should be a clicking sound. If you hear clicking but don’t smell any gas than you have a gas flow issue or could be out of gas. If you don’t hear any clicking, your ignition switch may need to be replaced. Turn the lights off and observe the ignitor: if the flames are reddish, then the ignitor needs to be replaced. The flames should appear as white sparks with a little blue if the unit is working properly.

Safety Concerns: Gas is hazardous to work around. Be sure to have all windows and a door open. Be extremely cautious with how long you hold the dial to the light function. Keep your head away from the hood. Never assume the pilot light will fail to spark, regardless of how often it has worked in the past. One spark will ignite all gas in the area and could produce a much bigger flame then you’d expect. Work with a friend and keep a fire extinguisher at hand.

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