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Magic Chef Appliances Repair

Magic Chef wasn’t built in a day, and what started out as a tin shop in the city of St. Louis had to work hard to become one of the top appliance brands in the United States. Magic Chef was started sometime in the 1850’s by a German immigrant by the name of John Ringen. At the time, the company was best-known for producing washing machines and stoves, and they went by the name “Quick Meals”. As the business began to expand, it gained more recognition and reputation, and it was eventually bought by a national corporation known as MCA.

The company wanted to be able to compete with other businesses in the field, so they began expanding their repertoire in 1996 and started to manufacture other appliances such as compact refrigerators, microwaves and other small appliances.

Magic Chef’s success can be attributed to their quality products, but it is also attributed to their focus on customer satisfaction. The company works to improve all of their current products and is constantly seeking new ways to push innovation and create forward-thinking products.

For customers who require assistance from the popular company, their official website offers a wide range of solutions and support services, including information on all of their products. This ensures that customers can find information on old, new and upcoming products without having to lift a finger. Customers also have the option to register their product online, as well as order new parts when necessary.

For anyone who would like to speak to the head office, they can easily do so by contacting them through e-mail, mail, phone or live chat online. Anyone who requests for repair services to be sent, will be visited by a professional technician who will solve the problem quickly and efficiently. Appliances you can trust, and service you can count on.