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Gaggenau Appliances Repair

Gaggenau Hausgera, also referred to as Gaggenau Home Appliances, was originally started in a tiny village in Germany, called Gaggenau. The company took form in 1683, and was originally used to sell nails and other household goods. The man who began it all, Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm Von Baden, decided to open the shop in order to help increase the income for farmers in the area. In 1944, most of the locations were destroyed by allied bombs, and it was assumed that the company would go up in smoke for good.

However, the store has grown exponentially since that time, and is now a worldwide brand for home appliance manufacturing. The company was able to rehabilitate, opening up brand new locations and maintaining its reputation for quality products.

These days, some of the most common appliances sold by the company include dishwashers, refrigerators and ovens. In 2008, all of the hard work paid off, and Gaggenau was awarded the IF Design Award in every single category. With all of its success, the company now offers accessories and custom-designed kitchens, incorporating new materials and innovative designs that have never been seen before.

For those customers who want to get in touch with a representative, the official website helps customers choose their appropriate country and find the contact page. Customers can speak with the company via their telephone line, or through online messaging.

For anyone with a Gaggenau product, it is possible to register their product on the website and find valuable information about products and parts. With this company’s experience and knowledge, customers can be sure that they will be met with quality and professionalism every time.