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Blomberg Appliances Repair

What started as a German company in the metallurgy business in 1883, quickly changed into a home appliances business by 1935. Blomberg was created by Bernhard Blomberg, and the move he made to home appliances would not be one he would regret. Actual production of the new product line did not start until 1949, but when it finally did, Blomberg would see its success take off.

By the year 1981, this well-known company had created the first fully-automatic washing machine. Word spread about the company and its impressive innovation, and by 2004 it was internationally recognized. A few years later, the company would go on to produce a larger line of appliances that included dishwashers, refrigerators and ovens, and their ongoing success led them to achieve award-winning status over the years.

The products manufactured through Blomberg are mainly sold across the United States and Canada. For customers who are interested in purchasing a product from this line, they are encouraged to visit the official website, where they can choose their country, province and city, and find the nearest retail location.

For those individuals who want to speak with the company or a representative, the website offers a link called “Customer Support”, which offers product registration and company contact information. Here, customers can also enjoy helpful information on products, manuals, FAQs and warranty information. Blomberg continues to be a strong presence in this industry and is a great choice for those customers looking for quality products.