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Beaumark Appliance Repair

Beaumark brand appliances are distributed across Canada by MABE. Beaumark is focused on the manufacturing of a wide range of home appliances including stoves, dishwashers, dryers, washing machines, refrigerators, ovens and more. The focus of this company is to provide customers with quality products that are long-lasting and affordable. Many customers choose this brand name because of the variety it offers and the high level of customer service.

For those who are searching for some color options in their appliances, this company has refrigerator models in black, bisque and white, as well as stainless steel colors and finishes.

Although Beaumark stands by its level of quality and satisfaction, they are also dedicated to any repair services that are required.

Their appliances repair program has authorized parts agents located all across Canada, and they also offer a customer service hotline for anyone who wishes to speak directly with a representative. There is no official website for this brand; however, customers who are seeking information, repairs or replacement parts can contact the MABE customers service center at 1(800)361-1100.